My Other Works

With Before the Sky Fell completed, I’ve turned to my next novel, Etana, a science-fiction thriller. I’ve also finished several short stories featured below.

Works in Progress


Eva is returning to Earth with the first specimens of extra-terrestrial life. Miles is following a billionaire couple on a tour of their newly constructed luxury bunker located five miles beneath the Pacific Ocean.

When an apocalyptic event affects almost every living creature on Earth, the two disparate bands of survivors find themselves in a life-or-death situation. All the while, the specimens of extra-terrestrial life in Eva’s ruined ship wait for the perfect setting, a vacant Earth with plenty of room for improvement.

Finished Short Stories

I’ve put a couple short stories up on Wattpad, all of them science fiction or fantasy. They range from 1500 to 7000 words. I’ll link a few of them if anyone is interested.


After the collapse of civilization from an enormous solar flare, Daniel Kissinger attempts to get by in a city constantly plagued with solar radiation. Under S.T.E.A.M.’s strict regime, families must meet a steam quota each month to ensure the maintenance of a protective cloud layer to block the sun’s radiation. But when his father, the inventor of ground-breaking steam technologies, is murdered, Daniel decides he’s had enough with the way things are. Evan Hamilton, dictator of the city, must be killed.

They Said He Sat on Flowers

Alaina watches the destruction of her city from the bell tower window. When the cemetery fields are scattered with corpses and the war has ended, she descends the staircase to look for him. They said he wanders the afterlife in search of his lover. They said he sat on flowers, waiting endlessly for the one bearing a red rose. She wants to see if they were right.

The Life and Death of Timothy Albright

Dr. Benjamin Curd has lost everything – his daughter, his reputation, and potentially his freedom. After he is put on trial for the murder of Timothy Albright, the man responsible for the death of his daughter, Curd begins to think his attempt at time-travel, which resulted in Timothy’s death, may not have been the best idea.

The Remnants

All her life, Cladriel has heard of the prophecies that said beasts would rain from the sky and come back for what was rightly theirs. As her city is bombarded by these creatures, she struggles to escape and reach her grandmother’s house, a suspected safe haven. This is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Heaven and Nine

Kalia, the god of purity, and Rastalan, the god of coincidence, play a game of dice to decide the fate of mortals. During their last round, they pick the name of Benjamin Hammond, an intern for the Washington Post who’s on a cab ride to work. The roll of the dice dictates whether his next coincidence will be a boost to his love life or a knock on death’s door.


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